Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nuclear Apartheid's zionists being assholes...

cowardly terrorists. let's hope Netanyahoo devastates that pig sty quickly

Israeli Light Rail guards, and a police officer, in occupied Jerusalem violently attacked and beat, on Thursday, a young Palestinian woman, while shouting and cursing at her before detaining, and interrogating her, for several hours.

Natalie Abedrabbo, 18 years of age, said she was heading to work and bought a light-rail ticket, but as she was stepping into the train, a guard approached her alleging she did not obtain a ticket, before taking her ID card, and writing her a ticket.

“I told him I bought a ticket right after I entered the railway station, I even showed him the ticket,” she said, “I also asked him to check the surveillance cameras, but he refused.”

“I tried to walk towards the person in charge to file a complaint, but eight guards started beating me, and one held me in a choke hold,” Natalie stated, “A Policewoman came over, and tried to take my bag to withhold my ID; I refused.”

The young woman then called a family member, before her brothers and mother arrived, and the Police attacked and beat them too, and proceeded to handcuff and blindfold Natalie, in addition to shackling her feet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

“I have priorities in my life. First is to my God. Number two is my family. And third is being sheriff.”

you're O for three, bitch.

there is no god, no one gives a fuck about your bigoted family and your job is to protect citizens, not to get them murdered while fanning your own pathetic ego.

you are a failure at every priority in your life.

Nuclear Apartheid's criminal assholes hard at work

Israel Sprays Gaza Farms with Poisonous Gases, again.

Israeli terrorists, on Tuesday morning have uprooted 450 olive trees planted by Palestinian farmers.

Israel Demolishes al-Araqib Homes for 83rd Time.

An Arab-Israeli worker in Herzliya was stabbed by a local man who reportedly shouted “Death to Arabs.”

Two UNESCO Motions Against Israeli Violations in West Bank, Gaza Blockade and Child Murder.

Gaza: Shortage of Medicines as Israeli Blockade Grinds On

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Another massive Chimpy aWol Bush failure

President George W. Bush, in 2002, ordered an urgent effort to field a homeland missile defense system within two years. In their rush to make that deadline, Missile Defense Agency officials latched onto exotic, unproven concepts without doing a rigorous analysis of their cost and feasibility.

Members of Congress whose states and districts benefited from the spending tenaciously defended the programs, even after their deficiencies became evident.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Single Iranian Nuke Could Kill a Million Israelis and Flatten Their Heartland - Bibi Netanyahu

1) IF iran had a nuke, but they don't

2) one million is a bit high, loser.

3) the most prominent feature would be a crater

4) a stolen American nuke an israeli nuke can do a better job right now*

5) palestine is not your real estate. your heartland is in a bank vault**

6) dropping it in the meterranean would actually be better for israel which is probably why Bibi is fear mongering about it. meet the ultimate concern troll, Bibi Netanyahu

*because America put the nuclear in Nuclear Apartheid!! (for the mouth breathers out there, israel stole American nuke triggers parts.
**switzerland, because the nazi's put it in a bank in there, not the money grubbing jew thing, you racist kike republican.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

seems the world got a second helping of wet flatulence from pervy texting aficionado John R. Schindler today

Manly? Girly? WTF? What a poorly written dump. It's not attributed to John R but it sure reads like it.

First, it seems sticky fingers Schindler thinks the US needs to spend taxpayer dollars to send ground forces and airpower to take out the 20,000 thugs that is ISIS. The old republican "Just Kill Them" solution.

Uh, ok, why? ISIS is no threat to the US.

His second point further departs from reality. He seems to call the West Obama a big pussy for not standing up to Russia but gives no solution. This conveniently ignores what has been done so far to contain "Putinism".  Did he notice the crumbling economy and the low oil prices lately?

Let's be clear. Two World Wars and a Cold War and the Rooskies are going nowhere. Is Schindler pushing for a nuclear solution?

No one, not even really stupid people republicans think John R is a 'smart' person. He must of been drunk while writing it. It's full of stupid masquerading at intelligent thought.

Go read it. it's an abortion.

pervy texting aficionado John R. Schindler gets ISIS completely wrong

If the U.S. is going to wage war against ISIS, it should be effective. That means more air power to prevent our Middle East concerns from totally imploding
What exactly are our Middle East concerns? John doesn't say, but they'll implode! Totes implode. So what could it be? ISIS poses no threat to the US, Syria is killing themselves nicely, oil prices are staying low for the foreseeable future, Iran has no nukes (thanks to Obama's leadership) so that only leaves Israel. Oh...I see now.

John wants the US to fight another failed, abortion of a war on behalf of the fascists residing in Nuclear Apartheid and in the US Congress.

Of course there would be no ISIS if it weren't for life long fuck up and miserable failure Chimpy aWol Bush but that's the point, isn't it?

In 2004, Donald Rumsfeld directed a Task Force to determine the causes of radicalism & terrorism. Want to guess its conclusion, John? Let's just say your idea for more war sucks.