Friday, April 21, 2017

The World Determined by Dumpf: a codex

Just prior to Traitor Dumpf, the US national strategy was of course, world domination.

It's merely that simple. The US government is an Army with an insurance company attached. Of the 196 countries in the world, the US has lethal force in 150.  I honestly don't think this grandiose death wish of a fantasy is even controversial at this point, but it's important to state the obvious for Trump's racist voters a certain portion of the US electorate.

General Wesley Clark gave the game away and everyone sort of instinctively knew it. Everyone knew it and realized we had no control over it.

Thus the 21st century began and we found seven middle east countries targeted with regime change (it's true! we did do it for the Jews!) then it's off to war with China in 20 years while Russia licked balls uh, as long as Vlad gets his vig

Specifically however, The rules are fairly simple:

1) Right wing and white, it's always alright.
2) You can't kill everyone, offer not valid for one certain non-Christian brown religion.

Jewish, Russian, even French right wing is ok. (ah hem, Le Pen.) At this point, a right wing Germany would clearly be Okey Dokey Smokey. As long as the Commander of NATO wears an American uniform. Somehow the Deep State can't really abide by a Nationalistic Germany (but they're so white!!!) So you can see the conundrum there, but remember rule number one. Corollary: Right wing and yellow is a 'no'. Also, Muslims, need not apply.

Besides, Russia is kinda white (i know. don't say it.) and Europe well, they make some nice cars, so they can stay, but Muslims? Well, everyone has a place in God's Choir but Muslims are clearly in the back row. And if a row has to be sacrificed for the greater good, who is the US to argue with God's plan and who besides the US could?

So far the plan is going swimmingly. Iran will go next then the big one with China. (God Dam that F-35!?! What the fuck is the problem???)  By then the world will concluding it's 6th and last terminal mass extinction event. There will be nuclear blasts and darkness the world has never known. Every monster in Nietzsche's abyss will feel like a warm but lost loving kiss.  

So that was how the Zuckerberg's, Petraeus's and Ted Cruz's of the world were planning to live life: In a police state (maybe even on your own island in the Pacific!) trying to keep the lights on scrounging for the last bits of irradiated food while the 99.9% of the world starves to death.

And we were all cool with that. Tacitly, anyway.  In the mean time, there were hippies to punch, fags to torture, niggas to piss on and streams that needed coal ash.

No single flake of snow feels guilty in an avalanche.  America Wins! USA! USA!

But things went sideways when a profoundly, severely mentally ill retard republican took office. Greed got in the way of good sense as it always does and Americas inner Vampire Squid took charge.

Now, President Snowflake would rather nuke the world rather to admit he's an asshole and that presents a rather nasty fly in the ointment for America's disease republican death cult party;

Just how much money can we steal and how many people can we kill before Dumpf nukes us all?

It's hard out here for a pimp.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I could, for example,

 say something like "President Donald Trump is a small-penised sex-obsessed pervert who stands accused of raping a 13 year old girl and who, given his temperament, has in all likelihood sexually abused at least one of his own children. He is mentally unstable and among the dumbest individuals ever to hold any public office anywhere, is quite probably colluding with Russia to undermine American interests, and spends his evenings aggressively masturbating to National Geographic footage of burrowing meerkats. His sole aim in acquiring the presidency is to convert the Lincoln Bedroom into a Rape Room, and he will sell an American nuclear weapon to ISIS for fifteen dollars and change if he thinks he'd make two dollars worth of profit on it."

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Greta Van Susteren liked Roger Ailes penis just fine.

Greta worked at Faux Spews for years.
Greta defended Ailes rapes and sexual assaults.
Greta was re-negotiating her contract for more money and it infuriated Rupert Murdock.

Greta didn't give a fuck about Roger Ailes sex crimes, Greta happily whored herself out daily.
So, please. Give it a rest.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Shorter Ex-NSA Dick Pic Guy: russia spys on the US perennially but it's all Obama's fault.

(sigh) I guess perennially means shit that happened under Chimpy aWol Bush was Obamas fault too.

With no sense of irony the Ex-NSA Dick Pic Guy (ENDPG) goes on to say, "There’s no time now for partisan game-playing." Well, everything his cryaon scribbles is partisan game-playing.

Read the article and count the number of ad hominem attacks, the unsupported accusations and logical fallacies and get back to me.  As you read the article, you begin to realize it's Sarah Palin Word Salad.

The ENDPG is simply an agitprop hate blogger.  No wonder he doesn't work for the NSA anymore. He's that fucking stupid. In fact it looks like he started out life as a junior Naval reservist got an NSA billet and is now trying to grift his way into a career as a TeaBag WingNut commentator.

The ENDPG claims to be a counterintelligence officer and again without irony says that "American counterintelligence has been dismal for decades".  So he admits he was shitty at his job?

After spending the whole article bashing Democrats, the Dick Pic Guy concludes with, "It’s nice that liberals are finally noticing what Putin’s been up to for years" but offered nothing to support that claim either. He finally pats himself on the back while jerking himself off and says he knew this all along.
"The mainstream media is now onto obvious Kremlin espionage fronts that I exposed years ago."

Isn't that special.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Pull yourself together..."

"Your car is German. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are American. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant?  

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The NSA is the greatest threat to America since the Civil War -OWilliam Binney

Perception Managers is unequivocally devoted to Freedom, Liberty and the American ideals as stated in the US Constitution. (the current one, not the one with slavery)

Proper citizen participation in America primarily includes Voting.  Not violence, no 2nd amendment solutions but voting.  Voting is based on educated and informed comment. This blog was created to facilitate that with open communication and mostly contains absurd and satirical posts. Hence, (You're Being Played)

The comment section is open to anonymous comments because as we all know, sometimes it's easier to say what you mean when you don't have to worry about negative repercussions. 

However, if you see a comment (or post) you perceive as hate speech, traitorous to the USG or otherwise illegal, please let us know so we may remove it.  While we weren't looking we've accrued thousands of posts.  If something evil is floating in the comments we are currently unaware of it. By all means, if you think someone could be harmed something written here, for the love of the FSM, please tell us!

Ideally, we'd have witty, insightful and positive conversations here.  Maybe someday we could even have comity amongst our friends here. Until then, enjoy! And Vote!


!!! Attention Wealthy Elites !!!

We have final message for "Wealthy Elites". We know what is wealthy but what is Elites? Elites is making laws protect self and friends, lie and fuck other peoples. Elites is breaking laws, regular peoples go to jail, life ruin, family ruin, but not Elites. Elites is breaking laws, many peoples know Elites guilty, Elites call top friends at law enforcement and government agencies, offer bribes, make promise future handjobs, (but no blowjobs). Elites top friends announce, no law broken, no crime commit. Reporters (not call journalist) make living say write only nice things about Elites, convince dumb cattle, is just politics, everything is awesome, check out our ads and our prostitutes. Then Elites runs for president. Why run for president when already control country like dictatorship? What this have do with fun Cyber Weapons Auction? We want make sure Wealthy Elite recognizes the danger cyber weapons, this message, our auction, poses to their wealth and control. Let us spell out for Elites. Your wealth and control depends on electronic data. You see what "Equation Group" can do. You see what cryptolockers and stuxnet can do. You see free files we give for free. You see attacks on banks and SWIFT in news. Maybe there is Equation Group version of cryptolocker+stuxnet for banks and financial systems? If Equation Group lose control of cyber weapons, who else lose or find cyber weapons? If electronic data go bye bye where leave Wealthy Elites? Maybe with dumb cattle? "Do you feel in charge?" Wealthy Elites, you send bitcoins, you bid in auction, maybe big advantage for you?