Thursday, September 18, 2014

meet fat, stupid fascist Neal Z from the NSA

Seconds later, Neal Z. stepped from behind the booth and grabbed the student’s phone, telling him, “I’m not touching your phone.”
George Orwell couldn’t have written a better scene.

Yes, the US Government is listening to every text, email, phone call and blog post you make. Even the porn you try to hid from your wife. You are guilty and the government will go through your phone to figure out what to charge you with. At their leisure, of course.

Monday, September 15, 2014

“I hate my boss”

It means they have the ability see every website you visit, every text message you send, every call you make, every ticket you purchase, every donation you make, and every book you order online. From “I’m headed to church” to “I hate my boss” to “She’s in the hospital,” the GCSB is there. Your words are intercepted, stored, and analyzed by algorithms long before they’re ever read by your intended recipient.

Friday, September 12, 2014

NSA Extorted Yahoo’s Compliance With PRISM With $250,000 Per Day Fine Threat

the NSA threatened? jesus fucking christ we are fucked.

mean while the teabag republican nutters traitors in the house are still whining loudly about the Benghazi nothing burger and still trying to fuck poor people out of well....everything but especially health-care so expect zero fucks to be given.

dear sweet god. we've reached the moment when the NSA has decided to become financially punitive. the next step from the NSA involves the NSA use of cordite and the loss of civilian life.

We The People Are The Enemy.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

“Look, there’s no question in my mind that I think I would have been a better president than Barack Obama has been." --Mitt Romney

 Would Romney be a better President than Obama? The American people certainly don’t think so — nor will they support him (or his magic underwear) in 2016 when he inevitably embarrasses himself again.
Willard still thinks the “Stand Down” order was given, providing further proof the epistemic bubble that republians live in and Bill Maher keeps yelling about is true.

Nothing gets inside the bubble. And that's why despite how much money Willard Mittens R-money has, he's still a life long loser. Nothing more than a whiny superstitious, draft-dodging cowardly dullard.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

The threat is real – so real that even to vote “Democrat” comes close to being treason.

The ideologies of Marxism and its modern disguise, environmentalism, are explicitly internationalist – or, rather, anti-nationalist. The very idea of nation states whose citizens might wish to be free is utterly alien to the totalitarian mind, which considers that on all matters of politics only one opinion – that of Big Brother – has any value. All opinions contrary to the Party Line are not merely anathema: they are punishable, often by death.
What a Fucking Asshole. There is so much fail in this rat bastard, a point by point take down of this gibberish would be useless. Just look at this insane lunatic:

Monday, September 01, 2014

ISIL, ISIS, IS or what ever you wish to call whem are not a threat to the US

ISIS isn't going to be sailing their nuclear aircraft carrier to the Jersey Shore.
ISIS isn't going to be flying their strategic bombers to Sandy Eggo.
ISIS isn't going to hit the US with trade sanctions or freeze capital investments.
ISIS isn't going to fly their Hellfire drones to the Pentagon.

The NeoCon bed-wetting over this is breath taking in how these children scare so easily.

ISIS is going to die in place in the shit-hole they call home.

Friday, August 29, 2014

"I've known you were gay since your were a tiny little boy. And you have made a choice to be gay"

these fucking bitter, hate christians can go to hell

firmly supporting slavery does not denote a skewed world view.

if you are a piece of shit texas open carry republican like tyler lance craddock or as a possible family member explained:
“I am a firm supporter of slavery, except I don’t want to use blacks…I want to use liberals and those with skewed world views. Seems like a win-win situation to me.”
thank god duffus republican indicted felon rick perry refused to accept medicaid expansion. because this retard is going to 2nd amendment himself and i hope this slavery supporter bleeds out.

Monday, August 25, 2014

what if in 1948 the UN said Texas was going to be called "New Israel" and zionists came and started murdering Texans and stealing land?

would texans have the right to defend themselves against the zionists?

would texas nuke the fucking zionists out of existence?
if they could, you're goddam right they would.

would texans every acknowledge the zionists right to exist on texan land?
in the name of jesus, never!

how many texans would eventually volunteer to become suicide bombers against the zionists?
probably most of the Open Carry Texas morons.

"Israel didn't start this conflict, but what are they supposed to do when they're being attacked? They have a right to defend themselves."

1, yes, israel did. beginning way back to say, 1948.
2, move! now!
3, no, they don't. occupying forces are not allowed to murder the prisoners
"What would happen if three missiles were shot into Texas from Mexico?" speculates one top talent agent who asked not to be named. "There would be a full-scale war. It's amazing Israel is using so much restraint."
the better analogy would be, what if canadians invaded America, stole American land, built houses on it, planted the maple leaf, rounded up Americans, put them in jail, turned off the water and started murdering Americans where they slept?

would Americans have the right to expel the invaders?
would Americans have the right to defend themselves?

now, replace canadians with zionists and Americans with palestinians.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

fish trapped in a pond of old water.

The problem with Islam and Christianity is that many centuries ago somebody had the idea of writing down beliefs. So now some religious people are stuck with the culture and knowledge of centuries ago. They are fish trapped in a pond of old water.

Just let that marinate in your mind a little bit. 

And while doing that also realize that despite being written down that these religions DO indeed evolve when fresher ideas are introduced. However when the community (ie body of water) isolates itself it does indeed continue to view the archaic and outdated ideas that are written in their various religious tomes as, if you will pardon the word, the Gospel.

No wonder those who maintain power by keeping the populous superstitious and clinging to ancient beliefs, argue against education and fear the internet.

Fox 'News'