Sunday, February 02, 2014

Starting time for NFL Super Bowl XLVIII

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII today, PM on FOX MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey Seattle Seahawks (15-3) Denver Broncos (15-3)


  1. This week the largest Danish bank divested from Israel’s HaPoalim Bank because the latter funds squatter firms on Palestinian territory, in contravention of international law. This step is the latest in a rash of European moves to divest from Israeli economic enterprises located on Palestinian land in the West Bank and illegally exploiting Palestinian resources. (The 1949 Geneva Convention forbids an Occupying power from flooding its citizens into militarily occupied territory or from altering the lifeways of its people. Also just stealing their stuff is frowned on.) European firms complicit in West Bank Israeli crimes are increasingly exposed to legal action in European courts. Kerry is apparently acting on behalf of some section of American Jewry that is more clear-eyed than rightwing Israelis and sees this writing on the wall, and is trying to save Israel from Apartheid isolation with some version of a two-state solution.


  2. It is one of the less appealing characteristics of Zionist bullies that they engage blithely in stealing Palestinian land and resources in complete disregard for international law and then use the fig leaf of charges of “anti-Semitism” to deflect any criticism of their actions.

  3. Most filibusterers in history, Least legislation in history, Most judicial nominees obstructed.

    Fuck you, teabag conservative asshole republicans.


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