Sunday, February 14, 2016

So, Antonin Scalia is currently decorating a very warm room that will soon hold War Criminals Dick Cheney and Chimpy aWol Bush

Dementia (demented?) Reagan probably won't recognize Fat Tony even on one of his clear days. Anywho, since the last debate, Trump now allowed everyone, even republicans to admit the Iraq war was a fantastic failure and the aWol was actually president during 911.

Now it seems, Black President Obama is only 3/5 of a president and is not allowed to nominate a Supreme Court candidate despite what the constitution says. So, derp to you!

The thing is, creepy penis nosed Canadian cruz is never, ever, ever going to be president of the United States. Please stop pretending this horrible piece of shit has any chance what so ever. Let me be clear; there will be a Democratic president next year. Not trumster, no panicky rubotio with stylish disco boots, no...what's that other guys name? I forget. The point is whomever the democrats nominate will win the presidency. The national polls have continually shown this. (facts!) Further, the republican cult will never win a national election for the foreseeable future. If you doubt that, I suggest you go re-watch yesterdays latest republican abortion.

Which leads us back to the Supremos. This one nominee will make the court liberal for the remainder of Ted Cruz's miserable, calamity of a life. (the poor guy was just not loved as a child, it seems.)

And conservatives are livid. To which we and the editors say, "~Go Fuck Your Selves~". You lost fair and square. Scalia was an obese, ugly, hateful monster who smoked. All of those things are killers and that selfish prick couldn't control himself.

Obstruct all you want. Because the Senate is going Democratic too :-)

Have A Nice Day, Asshole

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