Saturday, August 20, 2016

The NSA is the greatest threat to America since the Civil War -OWilliam Binney

Perception Managers is unequivocally devoted to Freedom, Liberty and the American ideals as stated in the US Constitution. (the current one, not the one with slavery)

Proper citizen participation in America primarily includes Voting.  Not violence, no 2nd amendment solutions but voting.  Voting is based on educated and informed comment. This blog was created to facilitate that with open communication and mostly contains absurd and satirical posts. Hence, (You're Being Played)

The comment section is open to anonymous comments because as we all know, sometimes it's easier to say what you mean when you don't have to worry about negative repercussions. 

However, if you see a comment (or post) you perceive as hate speech, traitorous to the USG or otherwise illegal, please let us know so we may remove it.  While we weren't looking we've accrued thousands of posts.  If something evil is floating in the comments we are currently unaware of it. By all means, if you think someone could be harmed something written here, for the love of the FSM, please tell us!

Ideally, we'd have witty, insightful and positive conversations here.  Maybe someday we could even have comity amongst our friends here. Until then, enjoy! And Vote!



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