Sunday, November 13, 2016

I could, for example,

 say something like "President Donald Trump is a small-penised sex-obsessed pervert who stands accused of raping a 13 year old girl and who, given his temperament, has in all likelihood sexually abused at least one of his own children. He is mentally unstable and among the dumbest individuals ever to hold any public office anywhere, is quite probably colluding with Russia to undermine American interests, and spends his evenings aggressively masturbating to National Geographic footage of burrowing meerkats. His sole aim in acquiring the presidency is to convert the Lincoln Bedroom into a Rape Room, and he will sell an American nuclear weapon to ISIS for fifteen dollars and change if he thinks he'd make two dollars worth of profit on it."


  1. Donald Trump never had to kiss the ring of any of the traditional donors, media outlets or conservative leaders in the GOP. To the contrary, he has always appeared hell-bent on frustrating them.This iconoclastic juggernaut cleared the way for a shockingly hostile takeover of the GOP. And what was once Pat Buchanan's spiritual embryo is now a fully grown adult. Independent, on a mission, angry, and yes, a little crazy, too.
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Ha ha!