Sunday, January 13, 2019

Lindsey Graham Blows

Oh, for cucks fucks sake, just go fuck yourself you miserable faggot.

No one needs to read Bob Mueller's report on agent donald to see the life and career ending lies, obfuscations, obstruction of justice and nausea inducing obsequiousness of Traitor Don.

I hope that when Bob's report is done, the Tree of Liberty will be watered with your AIDS tainted blood.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dead Trump.

There is a game where you push agent donald off a cliff. Conservatives clutched pearls and aimed for the fainting couch when Rosie O'Donnell urged her followers to play it.

This week a Canadian asked Trudeau to push Trump off a cliff for a beer. I'm surprised how many people; friends, confidants, family all say with relative ease that they wish Donald dead.

As a force for evil, Donald is unparalleled. When your hateful and stupid as Traitor Don, many people recognize that that cancer needs to be excised. Not unkindly, but you can't be a horrendous dick to everyone and not have good people push back.

Still, the Cliff Pushers have a point. Donald is not easy to love. In fact, many, many Americans simply despise the fat slob. He is physically, morally and mentally repugnant, after all.

Yes, treason is a capital offense, but lets be clear: no one is suggesting violence upon Cheeto Mussolini. But there is a very real sentiment that for the good of the world, Donald should simply be dead.

Natural causes are fine. He is quite obese and out of shape, I'm told. Maybe his tiny black heart gives out. Maybe the fat in his veins starve his diseased brain. Maybe Ivanka gets tired of giving Daddy hand jobs, and he becomes despondent and takes the cowards way out. Maybe Melenie finally finds some dignity and leaves him to the same effect. Maybe he has an Adderall induced aneurysm. Maybe a heart attack leaves him drooling.

What ever. I wish him a painful slow death too. Thoughts and prayers people. Send him your best.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Saturday, December 29, 2018

I'm glad the cops killed Erich Stelzer

I'm glad that piece of shit asshole is dead, dead. Fuck him to hell. Further, I hope his piece of shit asshole father is sued to poverty for being such a shitty parent. Fuck him to hell too.
Harry Stelzer, Erich’s father, says he feels sorry for the victim, but has consulted with an attorney because he feels the police went too far in subduing his son.
Maybe let the victim stab Harry in the eye.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Please send all your disgusting pictures to NRA cunt, Marion Hammer

You see, Miserable Cunt Marion Hammer lost in federal court. She doesn't like seeing the results of the gun violence she advocates for, and doesn't understand the first amendment. Why yes, she's a NRA lawyer. Why do you ask?

I'm ok with calls for violence against Dumpf

After all, treason is a capital offense.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Mason Dixon Wide Open With The Sarge

is a show of deplorable ignorance. I hope these fuckers both die soon and painfully. Honestly, hate must pay well. Who subsidizes these hateful numbskulls?

“We need to also recognize that we just had two of the coldest years, biggest drop in global temperatures that we have had since the 1980s, the biggest in the last hundred years.”

No, you miserable cunt, that's not true at all. "That miserable cunt" is Danielle Pletka, senior vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the bat-shit insane American Enterprise Institute. She's not a scientist and should keep her whore mouth fucking closed.