Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple Sambo is going to run the RNC.

Apparently the Black community in Maryland (and the rest of Black America) doesn't like Michael "Oreo's fell like Locusts" Steele very much.

So the RNC would prefer to be known as the party of "Uncle Tom" instead of the Party of Racists. Way to broaden the base guys! Good luck with that in 2012.


  1. wow at least he is not a wannabe black man like Barack Hussein Obama the OREO who was raised white...get a clue you racist piece of shit

  2. If you want to see BLACKNESS, look at BHO's soul.

    What is lie?
    Obama answered. "I am the block, the lie, the death".

  3. You'll have to remind me which party pretends to be the champion of diversity, I'm confused here.

    Nice touch on displaying your shallow and hypocritical debate talents. You must have so many friends.

  4. Calling someone an "Uncle Tom" or an "Oreo" is the same thing as calling them a "Nxxxx." It's throwing everyone of a particular race into an idiotic stereotype. Where I went to high school some people considered any black person to be an Unc T or a N.. There was no winning. If a fellow was nice he was a "Tom." If a bit shy or detached, a "N." To me, calling someone one or the other is the same thing.

  5. Say NO to racism!!! Unless a leftist says it's OK.

    Tell me again, who's the party of racism? You are vile.

  6. you sorry excuse of a blogger people like you is the reason why racism is very strong.


Ha ha!