Friday, August 03, 2012

I will tell you though. It’s crackin’ me up watching what the Democrats totally, this idiotic strategy of theirs to have Elizabeth Warren who has almost confessed to her Marxist views.

These views that replicate failed European countries about redistribution of wealth and all these failed policies, and she is going to be the face of that message in the convention. I think it is very risky of the Democrats, because there are a lot of good working Democrats, a lot of blue collar, hardworking, working class Democrats, Blue Dogs, who don’t want to see that type of message being reflective of their entire platform, because it is a ridiculous and failed plank in a platform. These Marxists…and the belief that the good caused can harm real Americans, because Chik-Fil-A didn't God. What liberal fail to misquote is the (wink!) failed democratic, but then the message was really, don't you know greasy, like Todd and yard sticks. Marxist, socialism and capitalism deserve Americans, history show us this.

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Alexa Demie said...

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