Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remember when the colonists stood in line to register their muskets?

Sarah Palin and a host of teabag assholes have been running with this tonight.

The tiny little problem with this statement is that it's completely wrong. Of course the conservative dim-wits who copy and pasted this tripe didn't bother to Google it. Truth is the Colonist were ordered to register their muskets. There were federal inspections in private homes and mandatory muster. And who was the marxist, socialist, commie bastard who ordered this blasphemy? James Madison, 4th US President, author of the 2nd Amendment and Founding Father.
States kept track of who had guns, had the right to inspect them in private homes and could fine citizens for failing to report to a muster.
These laws also defined what type of guns you had to buy — a form of taxation levied on individual households. Yes, long before Obamacare, the state made you buy something, even if you did not want to purchase it.
Why, might you ask was the US Government regulating firearms? Because you people are fucking ignorant.
The founders had a word for a bunch of farmers marching with guns without government sanction: a mob. One of the reasons we have a Constitution is the founders were worried about the danger posed by individuals acting like a militia without legal authority.
The bottom line is simple: the Second Amendment requires more gun regulation, not less.  Which leads to the post below....

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