Thursday, September 01, 2016

Shorter Ex-NSA Dick Pic Guy: russia spys on the US perennially but it's all Obama's fault.

(sigh) I guess perennially means shit that happened under Chimpy aWol Bush was Obamas fault too.

With no sense of irony the Ex-NSA Dick Pic Guy (ENDPG) goes on to say, "There’s no time now for partisan game-playing." Well, everything his cryaon scribbles is partisan game-playing.

Read the article and count the number of ad hominem attacks, the unsupported accusations and logical fallacies and get back to me.  As you read the article, you begin to realize it's Sarah Palin Word Salad.

The ENDPG is simply an agitprop hate blogger.  No wonder he doesn't work for the NSA anymore. He's that fucking stupid. In fact it looks like he started out life as a junior Naval reservist got an NSA billet and is now trying to grift his way into a career as a TeaBag WingNut commentator.

The ENDPG claims to be a counterintelligence officer and again without irony says that "American counterintelligence has been dismal for decades".  So he admits he was shitty at his job?

After spending the whole article bashing Democrats, the Dick Pic Guy concludes with, "It’s nice that liberals are finally noticing what Putin’s been up to for years" but offered nothing to support that claim either. He finally pats himself on the back while jerking himself off and says he knew this all along.
"The mainstream media is now onto obvious Kremlin espionage fronts that I exposed years ago."

Isn't that special.

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