Friday, April 21, 2017

The World Determined by Dumpf: a codex

Just prior to Traitor Dumpf, the US national strategy was of course, world domination.

It's merely that simple. The US government is an Army with an insurance company attached. Of the 196 countries in the world, the US has lethal force in 150.  I honestly don't think this grandiose death wish of a fantasy is even controversial at this point, but it's important to state the obvious for Trump's racist voters a certain portion of the US electorate.

General Wesley Clark gave the game away and everyone sort of instinctively knew it. Everyone knew it and realized we had no control over it.

Thus the 21st century began and we found seven middle east countries targeted with regime change (it's true! we did do it for the Jews!) then it's off to war with China in 20 years while Russia licked balls uh, as long as Vlad gets his vig

Specifically however, The rules are fairly simple:

1) Right wing and white, it's always alright.
2) You can't kill everyone, offer not valid for one certain non-Christian brown religion.

Jewish, Russian, even French right wing is ok. (ah hem, Le Pen.) At this point, a right wing Germany would clearly be Okey Dokey Smokey. As long as the Commander of NATO wears an American uniform. Somehow the Deep State can't really abide by a Nationalistic Germany (but they're so white!!!) So you can see the conundrum there, but remember rule number one. Corollary: Right wing and yellow is a 'no'. Also, Muslims, need not apply.

Besides, Russia is kinda white (i know. don't say it.) and Europe well, they make some nice cars, so they can stay, but Muslims? Well, everyone has a place in God's Choir but Muslims are clearly in the back row. And if a row has to be sacrificed for the greater good, who is the US to argue with God's plan and who besides the US could?

So far the plan is going swimmingly. Iran will go next then the big one with China. (God Dam that F-35!?! What the fuck is the problem???)  By then the world will concluding it's 6th and last terminal mass extinction event. There will be nuclear blasts and darkness the world has never known. Every monster in Nietzsche's abyss will feel like a warm but lost loving kiss.  

So that was how the Zuckerberg's, Petraeus's and Ted Cruz's of the world were planning to live life: In a police state (maybe even on your own island in the Pacific!) trying to keep the lights on scrounging for the last bits of irradiated food while the 99.9% of the world starves to death.

And we were all cool with that. Tacitly, anyway.  In the mean time, there were hippies to punch, fags to torture, niggas to piss on and streams that needed coal ash.

No single flake of snow feels guilty in an avalanche.  America Wins! USA! USA!

But things went sideways when a profoundly, severely mentally ill retard republican took office. Greed got in the way of good sense as it always does and Americas inner Vampire Squid took charge.

Now, President Snowflake would rather nuke the world rather to admit he's an asshole and that presents a rather nasty fly in the ointment for America's disease republican death cult party;

Just how much money can we steal and how many people can we kill before Dumpf nukes us all?

It's hard out here for a pimp.

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