Saturday, October 07, 2017

Republicans are going to have to choose between America and the United States of Russia

This week, Robert Mueller confirmed Donald J Trump committed the biggest acts of treason in American history in the run up to the 2016 election.  It turns out Trump really is a fucking moron and he thought he'd get away with it.

He didn't, thanks Gods but what comes next is up to Republicans.

Ever since William F Buckley successfully gaffed off the Nazi/Bircher/Asshole wing of the Republican party this confrontation has been brewing. Vietnam, Watergate, Clintons, Kenyan Usurper, blah, blah, blah, and here we are: The rabid nihilist base (deplorables) have taken over, The Traitorous Moron is in charge and Republicans will have to choose between country or party. The deplorables are choosing party, of course, but what will the rest of the Republican party choose?

If most Republicans decide to let the whole Russian treason slide because they think they will continue to win elections with Russian help they are dumber than I can comprehend.  On the other hand no matter what Mueller produces, I can't imaging Republicans saying, "Gosh, you know what? I see the evidence! Trump did collude! We were invaded! Let's expel the Russians and fix our voting system!!!"

I'm not going to rub your nose on the carpet like a dog that just took a shit. I'd like to ask you a question and point out a couple of things.

First, do you believe in American values? Is there anything about all America you value? Do you believe in the Constitution? Even the icky, squishy parts? Do you believe in voting? Democracy? Justice? Superman? The American way? Anything? Is there something, anything you can hang your conscience on?

Second, as a practical matter, why in Gods name would you allow those fucking cossacks to tell you what to do? Why would you let them muscle in on your turf? Why are you letting those fucking migrants take your job?  See where I'm going with this? You guys are not the coexist crowd. Russians are not your friend. This is an invasion by other means. Sure, you got your dim-witted moron as president and he fucked shit up.  It was great. Now what? There isn't going to be a race war. There isn't going to be WW3. This is it. Russia won. Their goal was to stop American progress by destroying American values and institutions.

In short; You Got Played, Deplorable. You're a sucker and much too stupid to realize or admit it.

So, unless you want more stalemate and shittiness, there is going to have to be some accountability. Traitor Dumpf is going to have to go.  You can't count on the Mavericky Sarah and Greasy Todd Palin's of the world. Or the obese white pickup driving racists living 6-pack to 6-pack. Or the Alt-Right Breitbart Twitter Intelligentsia for these are the ignorant and deplorable.

It will be a mid to low level life long FBI Agent out of the New York office maybe, who decides he's worked his life fighting thugs in America for his crappy salary and doesn't want to compete with the fucking Russians too.   It will be some loser in Mitch McConnell's office who worked his life in futility who decides life under Emperor Moron carries dire and unpleasant consequences. It will be Rich Lowry who finally Homer Simpson's his party into doing the right thing even if for the wrong reasons. It will be David Frum, Bloody Bill Kristol and a host of neocons who just want to "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran".  Unfortunately, John "The US Navy's Shittiest Pilot" McCain won't be with us anymore by then.

Republicans are particularly fond of telling Muslims to get their people under control to end "Radical Islamic Terrorism" at every opportunity.

Why can't you Republicans get your deplorable/Nazi/Bircher/asshole terrorists under control?

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