Tuesday, August 13, 2019

what liberals want is what most of America wants.

Republicans has done a fantastic job at painting liberals as the ultimate evil. To help the republican plan, Democrats have frequently snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Democrats, liberals and most of America want in on Medicare. At any age. No mandate, just opt in. And shut the fuck up about socialism.  Do you get US Mail? Ever go to a library? Call the Fire Department? The (gasp!) Cops? You like clean water? Clean Air?

You support the US Military? You believe in socialism, asshole  Medicare opt in is cheaper than the current system and you too, will benefit. 

Liberals do want to take your AR-15 and shove it up your ass. But we'll settle for high taxes on each sale, registration, insurance, locks and background checks. You ain't no well regulated militia, you fruitloop.

Liberals want action on the greatest existential threat to life on this planet. Climate change is not hoax, asshole. Why this is even a question is a testament to conservative meant-spirited-assholeness.

Liberals want true criminal justice equality. Today, every cop is a walking civil rights violation. That shit has to stop. Prison reform should of happened 100 years ago.

Donald Trump is a racist white supremacist. If you voted for him, you're the problem, you retarded, emotionally stunted asshole.

Liberals want economic justice. Bernie's right. Pharma, petro, insurance, google, and facebook monopolies have to be broken. So does NSA domestic spying, parallel construction, cell phone provider spying...it all has to end.

By the way, we call ourselves the Democrat'ic' party. You call yourself "donald' 'mitch' or 'ted', that's what we'll call you. If you can't give us the courtesy of calling us by the name we have chosen, we'll just call all of you a mean-spirited assholes at every opportunity. Golden Rule applies here.

Fundamentally liberals believe in fairness. We believe in voting, not mass murder because you don't like the current immigration laws. Vote. You don't like how things are run, you vote in America, you don't pick up a weapon.

Liberals think republicans have a racist problem. Not all republicans are racist, I assume, but if you are a racist in 2020, you're voting republican. That psychological crime rest squarely on every conservative.
Guns are a problem, not video games, not mental illness. Guns and mentally crippled right wing conservatives are America's number one threat to life and liberty. Global warming is real and is going to kill us all. Also, God is not real. Sorry, but all that garbage written 2000 years ago by sheep herders is garbage. All religions are nonsense. Buddhism is not a religion and I'm not sure Hinduism is ether. But orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians, you largely believe in fiction.  In the truest form, you are very  fucking crazy.

Donald Trump is mentally crippled racist. It will be astonishing if he doesn't kill millions and usher in depression. Everything he touches goes to shit. Fuck you for voting for evil, but thanks for outing yourselves. I'll never hire you. I'll never give you an even break. I'll work my life to prevent your sickness from spreading. You are a cancer that will be excised.

Fortunately for republicans, you've successfully gerrymandered everything and voter suppressed too many Americans, noting will change. Congrats. You won. I will note that your mental illness is it's own punishment. Enjoy your hell, asshole deplorable

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