Sunday, October 31, 2021

I don't want civil war in the US

And I don't mean I'll be grudgingly pulled into one.  Choose Voting, not Violence.  But one political party has moved away from running likable, popular candidates and candidly talking policy effectiveness.  Increasingly, republican vote theft and election fraud (like gerrymandering, unverifiable ES&S electronic voting machines and suppression) has forced many conservatives into intimidation and domestic violence to secure elections.  And not 'forced' as much as finally living some sort of revenge fantasy against everyone they disagree with.  For short hand, let's call them, 'Liberals'. 

Dumpf's deplorables are a violent mob.  The misguided cowards on 1/6 played dress up and DC's stringent gun laws averted a massacre.  What about next time? A fascist police department, a wink and a nod and there will be a bloodbath.  Mean spirited and more than a little bigoted, republicans love to hate.  Love to pretend they're Patriots.  They are not.

In 2022, republican state led legislators will certainly never seat a Democratic politician ever again.  A republican US House will never certify a Democratic President, ever again.  So with all humility, let's welcome Crazy Fat Diaper back to the Oval in 2024.  Welcome to Tyranny Of The Minority.  

America is currently ruled by a permanent republican minority.  The Supreme Court is merely a forum for republican grievances.  Mitch McConnell only passes legislation popular with republicans.  Next year will be the last Democratic congress, ever.  Once republicans control all three branches of governmental control they will no longer have to pretend to have fair elections and I don't see any way to avoid it. 

America doesn't have fair elections, so you don't get responsive government.  It was a nice dream but honestly time to stop pretending; democracy has been lost for some time now.

Republicans hate government, so look forward to government not working.  Plan on more monopoly corporate power, more state power, forever wars and you, personally getting screwed, no mater your party affiliation.  

School shootings will never be addressed, neither will climate change or green energy.  We'll fish the oceans dry, make the air unbreathable and the land arid.  We'll stuff any remaining wildlife with microplastics and lastly, millions and millions will starve to death from either lack of nutrition or from the radioactive fallout.   

Maggie Habberman will return to her stenography.  Ted Cruz will be somehow even more unbearable, just shitpost after shitpost.  Trump's crazy cockroaches will eventually turn on each other but by then it will be far too late.  

It's time to make peace and let the cockroaches fight it out. 


harry said...

Yes! It is high time to stop all these forms of wars and let these political cockroaches fight in their own world. I remember I was taking Assignment Services when the news about an Israeli attack on Palestine broke. I was so disturbed and felt so helpless at the same time that I am not able to do anything for this cause.

William Woodruff said...

I never thought that Trump would want a civil war in America, despite the strong emotional slogans like white supremacy. To keep themselves in the media and public, most people sometimes do things or talk that they themselves dislike. Coursework Writing Services