Thursday, October 12, 2023

Right wing nuts went murderously insane in multiple countries this week.

Twitter is officially useless thanks to mis/dis information and over all crapification of the platform.  Every decision since the fat chud has made since he bought the it, seems to have been made to lose all investor value. 


Every zionist seems to have ignored and discounted the repercussions of the past eight decades of apartheid.  Clearly palestinians have no right to defend them selves and should agree to be tortured and slaughtered in their caves.  The zionists have sowed these seeds since 1948.  They thought they could abuse palestinians in perpetuity, on their terms. 

Here's the rub.  It takes two to tango.  No one is clean in this conflict and the zionists left hamas no choice.  No choice at the UN, and not at the negotiating table. As long as there was land to steal, arabs to kill and free US tax payer dollars, weapons and intelligence, there was never going to be peace. Yea, I know you don't want to hear that.  Here is something else: the zionist wargasm will leave the state weaker than before and apartheid states never end well.  This was a fuck up of their own making.  

"Killing civilians in pursuit of human rights is never the answer."  Yep. that's true.  Is that an israeli quote or palestinian? I've read that sentiment from both sides.  Substitute 'zionist' with 'palestinian' in many extremist tweets and they would be indistinguishably true. 

But what is indisputable, is that what hamas did was horrifically wrong.  Morally, ethically - any scale you wish - it was wrong.  So will be the zionist' response.  Eye for an eye, a kingdom of the blind.  Bibi has yearned for a war with iran for years and this is his casus belli. Someone is getting nuked. 

No good will come from this and there are no heros. 

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